2017 Slingshot Supergrom

Please note that these Twin Tips are sold without pads and straps. Please ensure you add pads and straps or boots to your cart before checkout.

• Scaled-down twin tip designed for hard-charging youngsters 
• Moderate rocker for user-friendly performance 
• Soft flex great for smaller, lighter riders 
• Super durable wood-core construction 
• A great board to accelerate learning process 

Not just a shorter twin tip, the Super Grom is designed and built specifically for smaller, lighter riders. Offered in 125cm and 130cm lengths, the Super Grom features a flexible layup, moderate rocker profile, scaled-down length and width, embossed bottom channels and a beefed-up base. 

The result is board that young riders can easily control, as opposed to larger, stiffer board they would have to muscle to maneuver. For any young rider serious about learning, and progressing, a board built for your size and weight is a huge step in the right direction.

You’ll love the Super Grom if you want a smaller, more flexible board built specifically for young riders.


More info: Like all of Slingshot’s twin tips, the Super Grom is hand-built in the USA, with high-quality materials sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Construction includes a vertically laminated wood core that provides smooth clean flex and the best performance and durability of any core material on the market.
New for 2017, Slingshot is employing a carbon-reinforced Bedrock Insert mounting system, which reduces board weight while improving hold strength and overall flex characteristics. Vibrant urethane rails enhance style and durability.


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