2017 North Evo


Please note that all kites sold by WA SURF are sold kite only. Please ensure you add a bar and pump to your order if required before proceeding through check out.

2017 North Click Bar



  • Most versatile and well rounded in the range

  • Excellentwindrangeandupwindperformance

  • Fast turning and easy handling

  • Powerfulliftandhangtime


  • Deltakite

  • 4 and 5 lines compatible

  • 5-strutdesign

The Evo is THE all-rounder of the range, best suited to Free- riders at home at all disciplines. The 5 strut design combined with the new Dacron frame, 3D Shaping and an updated tip strut design ensures an even cleaner profile and faster turning then in previous years. When hitting the waves, the Evo wants the rider to use a proactive steering style. If you wanna boost, take to the sky with the powerful lift and incredible hangtime. If unhooking is on your agenda, the Evo delivers! With this perfect blend of Freestyle performance added to the mix, the Evo won’t ever hold you back, doesn ́t matter what you ́re up to. The Evo is dressed to impress so make sure you are too.


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