2017 Fanatic Ripper


Give your grom the experience of a lifetime with the Ripper! With our know-how and extensive knowledge base, we’ve developed a setup guaranteed to get the next generation hooked on windsurfing; a sport they can grow passionate about and enjoy for years to come.

This year’s bright and on trend graphics will make the young gun feel like one of the cool kids! Available in two sizes – 102 for the lighter, smaller rider, and the 120 for the taller, older kids – we’ve left no necessary characteristic uncovered with our focus being on user-friendly performance, and control in all weather conditions.

The width of the Ripper provides the much sought after lightwind planing abilities and stable platform. With security taken care of, the design also ensures fast top speeds perfect for the adventurous thrill seeker, and those adults looking to exhibit their skills.

The Softdeck is forgiving on the knees, certain to boost the confidence and bring more enjoyment to your junior. Offering up a variety of footstrap options and removable center fin not only reiterates the versatility of the Ripper, but also certifies that it is in fact a board any grom can grow and advance with.

With 7 children between them Fanatic Brand Manager and former PWA rider Craig Gertenbach, Fanatic UK agent Nik Baker, and shaper Sebastian Wenzel have drawn on past experiences and needs of their younger riders, to develop a successful concept. The result, a perfect board/rig package to pass on the passion to the up-and-coming windsurfers.

Make dreams come true with the Ripper, and deliver spirit with a touch of inspiration to the youngster with ambition.

  • Outstanding stability and Freeride flow with CAD crafted volume distribution
  • Forgiving, soft rails for a fearless introduction and execution of gybing and foot steering
  • Versatile and adaptable footstrap and center fin options to suit every rider
  • A long lasting and dependable Softdeck for optimum grip, confidence and comfort

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