2017 Fanatic Diamond Air Touring


The Diamond Air 9’8” is our women specific addition to the Fly Air range. With the same great attributes of all-round ease of use, stability and incredible air pressure : stiffness ratio, it’s charged with volume for a stable stance. For the ladies looking to go further, our Diamond Air Touring 11’6” – which draws inspiration from our Ray Air – offers effortless glide to go the distance, neatly packaged in shining Diamond optics. Wherever you choose to go, the deck net will keep your bag and flip flops safe! Simply inflate with the new Fanatic Power Pump HP2, and deflate and store in the practical Wheely Backpack. As the saying goes, »A Diamond is forever«, so we’ve built both the Diamond Air and Diamond Air Touring in our light weight, but strong Stringer technology, with ontrend coloured rail reinforcement.

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