2015 North Race LTD 69 - Used


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Lightly used 2015 North formula race board complete with ION Board bag, North race straps and Meanline fins. Good condiiton, one small ding that has been repaired with ding stick. 
North says: 
When you are racing at the front of the fleet you need a board that offers the ultimate in control. That is the focus of the design process; control at high speeds, control when jibing and control on all points of sail. By adding a convex shape to the front section of the nose, harsh blows from chop are now softened and stability at high speed has been improved. In addition the centre rocker line remains the same while the rail rocker has been increased, this again improves stability and enhances the performance when jibing. The wide point has been moved a little further forward to increase control and early planing. The cut outs at the back relieve pressure from the riders legs and free up the board, with less stiction to the water giving it unrivalled top end speed. All of this adds up to a board that is easier to ride and leaves the rider less fatigued. The North Kiteboarding Raceboard will be at the front of the fleet; will you be there with it? - See more at: http://www.northkiteboarding.com/products/boards/race/race-ltd-69/?type=%3Fevent%3De81#sthash.3rMYzSz5.dpuf

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