2015 ION Sol - Clearance


The ION Sol women's freestyle harness with slim outline-cut for maximum flexibility; new developed bar-webbing construction with Quickfit-Lever buckle setup; inside protection with full neoprene cushion lets the harness twist easily around the body when needed. The new contour shape with wrap-tec pre-bend shape guarantees a perfect fit.
The Full Protection Hook Mounting protects from rib injuries and prevents bruising. Reinforced leash attachment rings and a rear handle for assistance during launching are other features that make kiteboarding simply easier.
New safety slider grab handle to attach safety leash also makes it perfect for handle pass tricks.
With its closure at the harness hook, the strap only needs to be adjusted once.
The Push Down Spreader Bar makes it easy to get in and out of the harness. The system ensures optimum safety even under extreme conditions.
Complete with Safety Knife to cut your lines in case of an emergency.

Category: 2015, Harness, Ion, Kiteboarding, Waist

Type: Harness

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