2014 Cabrhina Overdrive 1x - Used


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Used but in great condition. 4 line bar should fit most four lines kites.

The Overdrive control bar can adjust a full 8 cm in length in seconds. Unlike other bars on the market, the Overdrive bar starts with a shorter bar length and can expand to the larger length if you wish. There is no reason to carry around all that extra bar if you prefer to ride on the standard setting. The 49cm standard bar setting is great for smaller kites, or if you would like the kite to be less reactive. By easily switching the bar into the Overdrive? mode the length changes a full 8 cm to 57cm and immediately increases the turning speed of any kite large or small. Additionally, adjustment can be made on the water, if desired. EVA bar ends provide floatation for the entire control system.

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