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Buying a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board can often be a daunting task. From any one brand you maybe have six or seven different ranges of boards, which each have several different sizes and constructions available. That is easily 70+ boards! But it doesn’t have to be a hard decision. Here we have broken down the boards into the most popular categories so that you can more easily make a choice on which board will suit your intended paddling.
If you would like to discuss this with one of our friendly staff, drop in to the shop any time and we will be more than happy to help you on to the best board for you.
2016 Fanatic Fly WA Surf
Stability and ease of use are probably the two biggest factors to consider when choosing an ideal beginners SUP board. Generally speaking, the bigger the board is that you choose the more stable it will be but the harder it will be to move around. As a beginner you want the biggest, most stable board that you can find without it being so big that you struggle getting it on and off the car or in and out of the water.
Another thing to consider is your learning curve and what type of paddling you want to be doing in 6-12 months. Experienced board riders such as surfers, may find they can go with a smaller size to begin with.
Ideal boards include the Fanatic Fly, Naish Odysseus or Starboard Whopper, which start from $1399.
2016 Starboard Drive Allround WA Surf
Some people don't want to pigeon hole their supping to just one discipline and want a board that will tick more than one box at a time. A good alround board will have good glide, reasonable stability and moderate turning. Something to keep in mind when looking for a good all round board is that an all rounder is exactly that! A board that preforms well in all areas but not brilliantly in anyone area. So a good all around board will have good glide but not the best glide. It will turn well but not surf brilliantly and it will be stable but not unsinkable.
Boards like the Naish Nalu, Fanatic Fly and Starboard Drive are all great options.
2016 Fanatic Fly Air WA Surf
Arguably one of the fastest growing segments of SUP boards is inflatables. The benefits of inflatable SUP boards is the ease of transport, storage and accessibility. Surprisingly well performing, inflatables are not like inflatable rubber boats you may be thinking of. Instead, they are high quality and thoroughly designed boards that inflate to a high PSI and have a huge presence in countries where space is at a premium, such as many countries in Europe.  These boards come in different sizes, styles and constructions to suit different riding styles. Generally speaking, look for which of the boards you want from the details above, and there will be an inflatable board to suit your requirements.
Our most popular models are the Fanatic Fly Air, 2017 Starboard Astro Blend and Naish Mana Air boards.
2016 Naish Mana GS WA Surf
Once again it is all about getting the right mix of stability, glide and turn-ability for you and your skill set. We also like to take into consideration your previous surfing experience, and the type of wave that you will spend most of your time on. For instance, if you live in Mandurah and will mostly be paddling at Avalon Beach we would suggest something slightly longer with some more glide. Where as the same paddler at Secret Harbour may be better suited on a shorter, but wider board for the steeper, hollow style waves. Some of the most popular Beginner/Intermediate wave boards include the Naish Mana, Fanatic Allwave and Starboard Wide Point.
2016 Naish Raptor LE WA Surf
By the time SUPers reach an advanced level their requirements become so specific and personalised that you cant "fill the gap" with just any old board. If you are after a high performance SUP then you are best off getting in contact with us directly so we can get some vital info from you to find out exactly what your requirements. Some info that we will need to know from you before we can make an accurate board recommendation are things exactly where and what type of waves you are aiming to catch, your previous experience, what boards have you had in the past and what have you liked/disliked about them, as well as a rough rider weight. These things can all have a huge impact on which board you should go for. Some of our most popular surf boards include the Naish Hokua, Fanatic Prowave and the Starboard Pro.


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