Stand Up Paddle Lesson FAQ's

Can anyone learn to Stand Up Paddle?

Absolutely! That's the best thing about it. It's an easy, low impact, low strength exercise that is super easy to learn and safe as houses. We only ask that you can confidently swim 100metres and you let your instructors know of any previous health issues that we may need to know about.

How much will a board cost to buy?

Don't worry about the cost just yet, take a lesson for $45 and see what you think first. We have the 2014 Fanatic Fly Pure starting at $1199 that is a great entry level board, as well as the inflatable ranges that are perfect if you have storage issues or don't need the high performance boards that surfers and racers require. A basic paddle will only cost $99, throw in a legrope for $50 and you're ready to go.

What times do you run your lessons?

We do vary the times depending on your availability and the weather. We always aim to have as little wind as possible but generally early morning as the most pleasant times to hit the water on a SUP. Check out our online booking system for availability.

Are your instructors qualified to teach Stand Up Paddle lessons?

Yes, we only have highly experienced and qualified SUP instructors running your lessons. This way we can ensure that the lesson standards are kept as high as possible, and you will learn all of the necessary skills required to SUP your way to the horizon.


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