Shinn Ronson Player - ON SALE


Call it what you will, Ronson is all things to all riding styles Radical POP, amazing grip and outstanding control. Ronson fulfills your demands as a dynamic kiteboarder not willing to be limited by conditions or riding style. Never before have we created a board that bridges the gap between freestyle and freeride so effortlessly.

Welcome to the best of both worlds. One board designed (and delivering) the holy grail of edge control for boosting, hard POP for freestyle, chop munching flex control and buttery smooth landings (even when things don’t go to plan).

Our combination of technologies offers previously unheard-of levels of comfort in a performance board. The split concave increases edge grip for a more explosive POP and at the same time dissipates impacts saving knees during hard landings and choppy waters alike whilst the Double Stepped Tips re-direct water as it exits the boards cutting drag and increasing directional stability without the need to resort to oversized fins.

Gone are the days of needing multiple boards to cover every set of conditions – X-over / Enduro call it what you will if your riding style combines all riding styles depending on the conditions then Ronson is surely the board for you.

Split Concave 90-degree entry for improved edge grip at speed and buttery smooth landings.

Double Stepped Tips Improve carving POP whilst maintaining upwind drive C

onstant Curve Rocker Creating confidence-inspiring control and balanced landings in all conditions

BITE Hi-Visibility fins Optoflex molded composite fins for superior profile accuracy and lighter weight

Paulownia Full Wood Core The best strength to weight ratio core available with long lasting durability

Sizes - 136 x 41, 138 x 42, 140 x 43

Available as board only with fins or add Sneaker SRS pads/straps/handle

Category: 2019, 2020, Kiteboarding, Shinn

Type: Twin Tips

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