2024 Duotone Evo SLS Kite + FREE WOO 4.0 (worth $460)


New for 2024, the Evo SLS enjoys a performance boost thanks to a redesigned leading edge that is thinner and uses a different Penta TX construction. This new development reduces the weight while retaining stiffness in the frame and enhancing the performance of the kite across the board. Once again, the Evo SLS is the kite to choose if you want the ultimate versatility, but this year, it will take you even further on your kiteboarding journey. If you are looking for the sportiest of performance across a wide range of disciplines, the Evo SLS is the kite to have in your quiver. From boosting big airs in strong winds to freeriding with your friends, slaying a few waves and popping some hooked freestyle tricks, the Evo SLS can do it all with a level of performance that will excite you at every turn. The dynamic and responsive handling is perfect for controlled and confidence-inspiring kite loops, no matter your level. It also allows you to get bigger air and longer hang time with less effort and input from yourself. It’s as if the kite had a cheat mode for kiters, making everything easier while adding a few metres to your Woo scores. You'll experience increased pop, smoother take-offs, and extended hang time. The Evo SLS boasts exceptionally dynamic handling, aided by the innovative Flex Struts, allowing for faster turns. The absence of pulleys in the bridle system means reduced maintenance and enhanced control, especially when executing kite loops. Throughout every trick and at every stage, you'll find total control as the kite seamlessly becomes an extension of your body.   

The Evo SLS is the go-to choice for riders pursuing a high-performance, versatile kite, delivering exceptional handling, regardless of your preferred riding style. Whether you're chasing big air, indulging in freeride sessions, mastering hooked freestyle tricks, or even riding the waves, the new Evo SLS makes kitesurfing easier and more fun, regardless of your level!

The SLS construction reduces weight, and the new thinner diameter leading edge brings performance enhancements that set the bar even higher for what is possible with the Evo SLS. 
The Evo SLS delivers remarkable take-off speeds, exceptional lift, and an exhilarating boosting experience thanks to its stiff frame and responsive, dynamic steering.
The new Flex Strut design and reduced weight, thanks to the thinner leading edge, helps the kite turn, climb and fly faster than ever before, vastly improving the low-end range.
The SLS construction featuring high-performance materials, such as the Penta TX frame and Trinity TX canopy, reduces the overall weight while offering excellent durability and stiffness. For 2024, the kite is even lighter thanks to the thinner leading edge and less overall material in the frame.
The pulley-less bridle system offers a more dynamic and direct feel to the kite and a longer-lasting and more durable bridle for harsh use. 
Tune the kite to your riding style, increase the turning speed, slow it down, increase or decrease the bar pressure, and fly the kite how you want to fly it. 

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