2018 Ozone Reo V4


The Reo has a great bar feel. You always feel connected to the kite so you can focus on the waves. It has lighter bar pressure, but you always feel the kite because of the full wing tip. The Reo V4 is a fast turning kite, but the kite never gets away from you. Other fast turning kites can feel out of control. The Reo accomplishes speed and control by having enough bar feel that you know where the kite is with out having to look at it. 

The turning speed is crisp. The kite is quick and has no dead spots in the turn. Even when you carve down the wave face and slack the lines, you still can turn the kite. If you want the kite to pivot fast, you crank on the bar and it will rip a loop. You will feel the kite through the turn but you won't get yanked off your board like other full wing tip kites. Wider turns have a carving feeling and they are very predictable. You always know exactly where the kite is. 

The power band on the sheeting is really easy on and off. There is no surge or complete shut off of the power. Even if you are not flying the kite properly, the Reo will make you feel like you are the best kiter on the water. 

The drift is unmatched. At any point in the wind window you can fully sheet the kite out, and it will drift with you. Sheet back in, and you have a gradual reentry to the power source. 

The Reo did way better in gusty conditions than we expected. It jumped around a bit but the power at the hook and in your hands was really consistent. When you get overpowered, the Reo depowers quite well and is easy to control. You still have pretty good steering with the kite sheeted out. 

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