Reedin Feather Kite Board


2021 Feather boards

Feather kite

Sizes: 114x45 17L, 126x46 21L

Who is it for: Advanced kiters

What’s unique: Compact outline for minimum weight inertia and better aerodynamics delivers maximum maneuverability, for the most fun.

Deck Shape: Convex nose with Concave deck. Concave Deck provides the best stand and comfort possible for a more secured stance especially when riding strapless. While the convex nose allows for better aerodynamics all the while preventing water from accumulating in the nose to ensure light weight all the time.

Bottom Shaping:

Triple concave provides the very best waterflow before launching or when you touch down while flying. The two side channels release all the way to the back for the board for the best flow possible.

Rounded Beveled rails ensure that touch-downs are the smoothest and the least disturbing possible, letting the board keep it’s original motion while touching the water in order to minimize any di-stabilization of the rider

Kick tail allows for fast take off by simply allowing the board to pitch up effortlessly.


Full carbon sandwich construction for light weight and durability

Double Futures® box tracks at 90mm spread.

Foostrap insert

Full deck pad

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