Ozone Base V1 Complete


The Base V1 is the choice for anyone getting into the sport or for free riders looking for a fun, confidence inspiring Board.

It is intuitive and comfortable to ride, the Base V1 will speed your progression from the first stages of learning through to getting airborne! An optimized mix of a progressive freeride outline and a single concave bottom shape transitioning to flat towards the tips provides control and stability in all conditions.The medium-low rocker will help you to get early on the plane and provides easy upwind riding.


The Base V1 is ultra smooth to ride thanks to the forgiving medium-soft flex pattern keeping you comfortable even in choppy water conditions. With the Base V1 you will have more time to spend concentrating on improving your skills, you will quickly master your first turns, carves and jumps.

Colours - Red or Blue

Sizes - 133 x 40 / 137 x 41 / 142 x 42 / 148 x 44

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