2018 Mystic Diva Neo Top



The Diva series of neoprene wear for watersports is designed with a beautiful feminine style and will provide women with a go-to-choice for this seasons activity on the water. The range of full suits has laid the ground for a sweet selection of summer pieces that will provide ladies with protection in select areas.

This neoprene top from the Diva series will keep your upper body warm and provide you ladies with some wind chill and UV protection for full days of having fun on the water. This techy top will go together with the neoprene pants of the series.


  • Flatlock Stitched
    • The flatlock stitch is used mainly for summer wetsuits where water is allowed to come in through the seams. Panels overlap each other and are then stitched all the way through for a super tough and durable seam.
  • Front zipper​​​​​​​
    • Placement of the zipper is on the frontside making the fit feel snug and tight.


  • M-Flex
    • The M-Flex is a high-end neoprene material with superb flex and an awesome stretch ratio.

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