Ieke Verkuil [Duotone]

July 07, 2024

Ieke Verkuil [Duotone]

Originally from the Netherlands, Ieke fell in love with Australia’s stunning nature, beaches and sunny weather during her travels in 2008 and 2009 and quickly made the decision to relocate to Western Australia.

Her kitesurfing journey began in 2013 with a lesson in Bali. It didn’t take her long to realise that kitesurfing was the sport for her so after learning the basics in Bali, she went on to do more lessons when she was back in Western Australia and that’s where her love (a.k.a. addiction) to kitesurfing really started. In 2017, Ieke completed her KA Level 1 instructor certification through Kiteboarding Australia.

Ieke's coaching expertise spans from beginners to intermediate riders, up to advanced riders who are looking to progress in old school and free ride tricks. An advocate for women in kitesurfing, Ieke has coached many women new to kitesurfing and those hoping to progress and become independent riders. Her coaching style is all about enjoying the learning process and finding freedom in the sport. Ieke's dedication and passion shine brightest when witnessing her students' growth and exhilaration, doing everything she can to take away their anxiety and stress and replace it with confidence and enjoyment.

Ieke has left her mark in various competitions, claiming impressive results such as 1st place in Freestyle and Downwinder at the 2023 Carnarvon Windfest. Prior to those competitions, Ieke was crowned "Queen of The Pond" in January 2022, came a remarkable 6th place in the Lighthouse to Leighton Redbull Race, and was awarded "Master of Style" at the State Nationals WA Freestyle in 2020.

Ieke has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to kitesurfing. Her tip for beginners: Enjoy the journey of learning a new sport and trust yourself you can do it! And if you are hoping to progress in kitesurfing? Kite like no one is watching!


Connect with Ieke on Instagram >> @iekevw